About Joe

Joe Thomas Sr.

Joe Thomas Sr. is a history making 55 year old football player that set records as a Division One college running back. His new book, Words of Wisdom III Edition, A Common Sense Guide for Changing Lives One Child at a Time demonstrates Thomas’ commitment to assisting our youth through nurturing short stories that provide real world experiences and how to deal with them in an appropriate manner while helping adults in their personal lives. This is not just a story for children, it is a story for adults. Mr.Thomas believes that, “God gave one this to share with you.”

Thomas was raised in Blackville, South Carolina, a small town about 40 minutes from Orangeburg, where South Carolina State campus is located. Throughout his childhood, he battled through countless accounts of adversity and challenges. Thomas was partially deaf, but a doctor helped him clear his ears when he was 17. During his junior and senior seasons at Blackville high school, he was a star defensive lineman and a promising running back. But he did not get the opportunity to play college football.

Thomas has a sincere concern for the cultivation of our youth. He has made a compilation of life lessons to help mentor and rear productive young adults who contribute to the development of healthy communities.If you have not read Joe Thomas Sr.’s book, get your copy. It is going to be a bestseller that will aid youth and schools across the country. Mr. Thomas grew up in a small rural southern town during desegregation. He has faced adversity due to ethnicity, economic concerns, health challenges and educational adversity.

From a young boy, he went through issues that were so difficult until he could not openly share his struggles with his family. He was forced to become a champion for himself and for those who could not stand up for themselves. As a young boy, he was smaller in stature yet very strong. He took physical strength very seriously. He has been in more than one athletic industry as an adult. He focused on developing his body into a professional athlete in the wrestling arena. He never gave up on making a good life for himself and his family.

When Thomas’s son, Joe Thomas Junior, who now plays for the Dallas Cowboys, enrolled at South Carolina State University, Thomas Sr. decided to join him in the classroom and on the football field. Although he never had the opportunity to play in a game with his son, Thomas Sr. stuck with the football team with the hopes of getting in a game. On Saturday, November 19, 2016, he accomplished that goal, becoming the oldest player to ever play in a division 1 football game.

“God will put you where he wants you to be even if no one thinks you deserve the position, is genuinely what Mr.Thomas used to drive him to success. Mr.Thomas wants to impart his life experiences into the lives of others through literature. This book accesses and effects literature for modern day child development. It covers issues such as nutrition, safety, character, respect and manners. It can be used in multiple settings: classrooms, you centers, summer camps, Sunday schools and for individual readers.